Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is TEDD? TEDD is a one stop solution pertaining to implement holistic Due Diligence processes which are in alignment with an organisation’s goals. With our professional team of experts we support companies to run responsible businesses through good governance. Our senior consultants are with you in your journey to run your business better and meeting relevant requirements for the new legislations or from your customers.
What is Due Diligence? Due Diligence is an investigation or evaluation performed to confirm facts and details of the matter under consideration.
What is the vision of TEDD? Building a responsible business world through a credible, trusted and protected Due Diligence profession.
What is the mission of TEDD? Be a Facilitator & Enabler for leading learning and consulting practice for a trusted Due Diligence community.
What is the global outreach of TEDD? TEDD is currently present in 9 countries Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Germany, India, Switzerland, South East Asia, Turkey, USA TEDD is a brand powered by VECTRA International which has a presence throughout 24 countries. In the forthcoming 18 months TEDD will continue to grow covering more countries with a focus on Europe and Asia.
What are the key pillar of TEDD? There are currently 3 key pillars of TEDD
1. TEDD Consultancy
2. TEDD Tools
3. TEDD Academy
Additional pillars will added as the initiative matures.
What is TEDD Consultancy TEDD consultancy provides advise to companies to achieve their short term as well as long term goals in regard to Due Diligence. Whether it is to become more socially and environmentally responsible or improving the governance in how the company conducts business operation, TEDD is one stop solution for getting the right consultancy from professional experts. A key objective for us is to ensure transfer of knowledge to our clients to empower them to run and further processes themselves in the future.
What are the TEDD Tools? TEDD Tools are the supporting instruments to evaluate the Due Diligence status of an organization in an efficient and systematic fashion. Whether consultants analyse risks which might exist in an organization’ s practices or supply chain, or when shaping recommendations in order to improve the organizations' practice, TEDD Tools are a solid basis for doing this. In addition, if organizations would like to exercise their Due Diligence themselves and improve their related practices, TEDD Tools will help them to identify risks in different business areas and on various topics such as supply chain, social, environmental, technological or other items and address these.
What tools does TEDD use to support its experts and clients? We have developed an initial set of tools that our experts as well as businesses will be using – these tools cover the following 3 main areas:
1- A Due Diligence checklist which reviews and evaluates the current state of organization’s processes.
2- A gap analysis tool focusing on the OECD Guidelines that include Responsible Business Conduct, identify adverse impacts, address adverse impacts, track implementation/ results, communicate measures.
3- A gap analysis tool focusing on the upcoming German Supply Chain legislation covering risk management, preventative measures, remediation measures, grievance mechanism, documentation and reporting.
What is TEDD Academy? TEDD Academy is a carefully articulated program with all the necessary knowledge to develop participants skill from basic knowledge all the way to becoming an expert in the subject of Due Diligence.
What is the vision of TEDD Academy? TEDD Academy is built with the vision to provide right and precise information to passionate individuals. TEDD Academy believes in growing with the community by creating more awareness about responsible business practises.
Why is TEDD Academy unique? In the next five years everybody from everywhere can join TEDD Academy and design its own path to become familiar with Due Diligence – from a basic to an expert level (with the option to specialize in certain industry sectors and key focus areas).
What is the approach of TEDD academy? The learning opportunity is scenario-based and driven by technology (away from the desktop to mobile devices – not the traditional PPT teaching/learning approach)
Any student that wants to learn about Due Diligence is to select a scenario – and the learning path will be adopted accordingly (any student can navigate until one has acquired the relevant knowledge)
Any acquired knowledge/learnt material should be viable for immediate application in daily work (critical success factor)
University collaboration to contribute to bachelor/master courses, like EDX (with academic certificates)
How does TEDD support businesses? We aim to support companies to become more socially and environmentally responsible along with good governance in how company conducts business operations – commonly called ESG. We help companies to develop and implement a Due Diligence program with a full-scale plan when the company does not have the expertise to do it. And we provide a one stop shop solution for short- and long-term Due Diligence projects and specialize sector or and region specific. In this context I would like to mention that knowledge transfer from our experts to our clients is one key objective of TEDD.